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We use cookies or other similar tools on our site to improve its performance. This policy explains how we do that.

"Cookies" are text files sent from our site to your browser and stored on your computer. The site www.danielbalakovphotography.com uses a cookie in 2 cases:

  • to facilitate your connection to the client account through automatic recognition by you. This is only if you have indicated your wish by checking the box.
  • to allow you to find the contents of your cart within 90 days of your visit to our site.

The cookie only reports your actions at www.danielbalakovphotography.com. It does not in any way allow us to know the other sites you have visited or will visit. You have the ability to delete your cookies at any time. However, with every newcomer on www.danielbalakovphotography.com a new cookie will be created.


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