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About me

I welcome the "Seeing one" in you! The need to create is mostly determined by one’s discontent of this world as it is! There must be a search driven by some dislike!...You can say, here is another negative person who starts his presentation with denial. If you are one of those people who are in a hurry to give judgment at first glance it is best and I suggest you do not keep reading further, because with the verdict you have already given you have closed your eyes, and wherever I would take you from here on, you will only see what you have decided in the very beginning. This place is not for you, and it's best not to waste your time getting to know my world.







Did you cross the blank field to get here? If so, you probably already smiled to yourself because you found out how I was bewildering you. So I can tell you now “Welcome” my friend!  Everybody who crossed the white field can be called a friend! Who am I? Well, a person who loves Beauty. The world of photography and cinema are matters through which we, humans, rearrange ourselves internally. These are responsible methods of influence, and I support the idea that Art should show Beauty. I do not support the idea that just to become famous a creator can and should show ugly, negative and destructive scenes. This, in my opinion, does not interfere with our inner world creatively, but on the contrary, it is destructive for us. Now I can almost hear someone say, "But it makes you think." And did you think at least once about what feelings you’ve got left inside after such a movie or a photo in which there are negative imagery? Yes, exactly feelings-sensations, not thoughts? Sensations are the things that build and change us, not our thoughts. Thoughts that do not lead to sensations are a blank clatter of armor. In our everyday lives we have countless examples of destructiveness, and therefore I believe that art is called upon to act healing, arranging, organizing our inner world. In brief-for me Art is a type of a cure. The pleasant feeling that one feels when contemplating a beautiful sight is already the very process of healing his soul. This is my world-a world devoted to connection with the Beautiful.


Editing programs/Photoshop

In the age of digital photography, there are many contradictory points of view on the use of editing programs. Today, the word "photoshoped" has become a very important issue among people. Under the code name "Photoshop", we will understand every postprocessing program that was used in photograph. Is there "photoshop" in a frame or not? Is there make-up on a woman’s face or not? If you think there is none, it's possible to lie to yourself ... maybe this woman is just a make-up master artist and it is so inconspicuous put on that it is just emphasizing her beauty. It's the same with Photoshop as a postprocessing program. The question is not is there or not "Photoshop" in the photograph, but how it is used in the frame. Masterly or not masterly. Does it underline and enhances the strengths of the frame or, on the contrary, creates a garish feeling that directly hits us in the eyes. In the era of black and white photography, when the scene of developing the photograph took place in the dark room, there was also a sort of chemical "photoshop". Different chemicals were used as well as partial shutter frames to change exposure time. The final product called a photograph was always the result of two main interactions - fieldwork and work in the dark room, where the author's personal vision played its part. It is precisely the author's participation that is what makes one frame a piece of art, rather than simple statistics. I also want to clarify that no work in the darkroom or in Photoshop can save us from major mistakes in the fieldwork - for example, an unfocused image, poor composition or inappropriately selected time for photographing. These are things that cannot be corrected with "Photoshop." But when our skills with such post-processing programs reach a certain level, our approach to fieldwork is changing also. That is to say, to know how to shoot in the field, you have to know what you can change in the frame and what you cannot do afterwards. It's about how well we know the postprocessing programs which allow us to influence the raw image files.  The raw image (RAW) is actually the one piece that contains all the information about the frame and we can make changes to it, which, within certain limits, are equal to the changes made in the camera itself. There are made the basic and harsh adjustments to the exposure of the frame. The ability to handle Photoshop or other similar software today is very important because working with these programs gives us the ability to fine-tune the frame and its parameters, but if we do not know what we can do with this software then we will not know what we need in the field work as base to let us achieve what we have in our perception from the beginning. This means that, along with learning to use programs like Photoshop, we need also to change our approach to the shooting process itself. For example, if we do not know how to make a blending from several frames and try to make a night photograph, we will never be able to get enough detail in the dark areas, and the frame will limit our work to a great extent. So, with what I have written so far, I want to cast a little more light on the subject of the use of "Photoshop" and let's say - the use of a software of this kind is inseparable part of the use of a camera. Good camera proficiency also extends to good knowledge of Photoshop or other post processing program.


I perceive photography as painting. The camera is one of the tools the artist-photographer uses to express himself by visual means. The final product is designed to impact in a certain way, and that's all that matters. Whether or not a single frame has an impact is the whole meaning behind it, as the healing of one person is the ultimate goal no matter how it was achieved - through the means of formal medicine or by the placebo effect of the mind. What is important is the result- the cure itself. So it goes with photography - ask yourself the question whether this frame is affecting you or not. Nature is the source of every true inspiration because it contains everything in itself. The Language of Nature is the language of Beauty. Beauty is the way things exist together in peace and harmony. What is Music? Combinations of tones that have precisely defined numerical values ​​such as frequencies and stand apart from each other at equally accurate distances. A kind of sound geometry if I can call it that. But the end product is perceived as Beautiful, Nice sound? The Laws of Beauty are mathematically exact laws. They are expressed in the laws of the Composition, color harmony, the idea of ​​the picture. It's the same with Music and visual arts. If we start to make chaotic sounds, hardly anyone would call it Beautiful and Pleasant. In fact, if we think about our everyday life, it is highly non-musical and disharmonic. Carries more Tension, Destruction and Ugliness than Beauty. And here comes the place of Beauty in art - to bring the balance needed to correct the consequences of day-to-day influences. In the evenings, one likes to listen to beautiful music, talk to close friends, watch a nice movie. Photography is called to do the same - bring Harmony, Peace and Healing to our inner world, and there is no way someone can convince me that negative images can provoke reflection in oneself. Maybe yes, they provoke reflection, but with subsequent tension that ruins our inner world.


In a sense, the Beauty is sacred to me if I can express myself in this way. What is sacred you would ask me? Sacred is something that must not be destroyed, something that our lives depend on in every sense of this expression and what is the basis of everything. If the world had to exist in an eternal ugliness, what would it be? I do not think there is a need for an answer. The beautiful image is an ambassador of a highly organized world. Just as organized as the music is to urban noise. Our world needs Beauty more than anything else.

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